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Exact Flooring offers carpet services for the life of your carpet

Exact Flooring stands behind the carpet we sell and install. Exact Flooring’s carpet services maintain your carpet so that the only reason to change your carpeting is because you want to, not because you have to.

If you live in Hardeeville, New River Center, Bluffton or Hilton Head Island, please stop by our showroom or give us a call to learn more about how our carpet services benefit your carpet and your home.
Carpet Services in Okatie, SC area from Exact Flooring

The carpet services are performed by Exact Flooring’s expert carpet crew

Carpet services add to your carpet’s life and function over a span of years. Exact Flooring is your partner throughout your carpet’s lifespan. In fact, one of our carpet services applies to carpets not intended for installation.

  • Carpet Service: Carpet Binding. When you need a rug that is beyond even the beautiful area rugs available mass market, it’s time to think about creating a custom rug. You select the carpet from the unlimited choices, specify the size and shape and finish the raw edges with carpet binding. There are two methods of binding; one is enfolding a heavy twill tape over the raw edge and sew through the three layers; the tape can be the same color as the carpet or contrast. The second method is oversewing the raw edge with tight stitching with a serger sewing machine; this is the method to use if you want to use fringe.
  • Carpet Service: Carpet Re-stretch and Tucking. With footfalls and household traffic, over the years wall-to-wall carpet can stretch and loosen up. Our installation tech can come to your house and bring your carpet back to like new tautness by re-stretching and tucking.
  • Carpet Service: Disposal. Old flooring can be a challenge to dispose of. Exact Flooring takes old flooring and takes it to recycling, where it might be broken down and made up into new carpet. It’s kind of a circle of life for floor coverings.